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10 International Congress of The Polish Neuroscience Society

Social events

The opening ceremony will take place on September 21st , 2011 in the foyer of the Law and Administration Building (main congress venue).

The banquet will take place in the Poznanski Palace (The Museum of Lodz) which has been listed as one of the largest and greatest residences of its type. Izrael Kalman Poznanski, the “King of cotton” in Lodz, was the owner of the largest palace and textile factory in Lodz in the 19th century. The interior, the dining room and the ballroom are most beautiful sections of the Palace, designed and decorated in the Neo-Baroque and Empire styles.

The 2011 PNS Meeting has partnered with Mazurkas Travel in order to provide resources for sightseeing tours during conference days.


The history of Lodz was shaped by the contributions of four nations: Polish, German, Jewish and Russian. Jewish people made up about one third of the city’s population and owned one third of all the factories. This specialized tour will provide you with an insight into the life and history of this important community. One of the places of interest is the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe, still preserved in its pre-war state on Bracka Street Program includes visit of I.K. Poznanski Palace, walk in the area of Litzmannstadt ghetto. Transfer to Radegast Station -place where Jews has been transported from ghetto. Sightseeing of Jewish Cemetery -the biggest Jewish necropolis in Europe.
23.09.2011 (Friday)
Price: 120 PLN
Hours: 10:00-14:00

Walk through the Ksiezny Mlyn, old industrial district of Lodz. Visit in factories, workers houses, school and building of fire station with antique pump, Herbst?s residence. Journey and walking in the most interesting part of Piotrkowska street -the longest street in Europe! Sightseeing of ‘Manufacture’, empire of I.K. Poznanski, visit in Museum of Factory
22.09.2011 (Thursday)
Price: 120 PLN
Hours:  10:00-14:00

An exciting tour along charming villages and farm, aristocratic palaces and manor houses to the most fabulous monuments of the Mazovian Country: Zelazowa Wola -the birthplace of Frederic Chopin. The charming manor where Frederic Chopin was born. Now it is a museum with interiors in the style of his times, dedicated to the great composer.  Lowicz -a small town cultivating the folk traditions in music, dress, embroidery and paper cut-outs. Nieborow -the gorgeous Radziwill family residence, where we shall encounter the famous Niobe -an antique sculpture.
24.09.2011 (Saturday)
Price: 360 PLN
Hours: 9:00- approx.19:00

City tour includes main monuments and sights of Warsaw, enter to the Palace of Culture and Science. OLD TOWN -the Castle Square, King Sigismund?s Column, St. John?s Cathedral, the Old Town Market Square, the Barbican. ROYAL ROUTE -aristocratic residences and famous statues, University of Warsaw, historic churches. HISTORICAL SIGHTS -Ghetto Memorial, Monument of the Warsaw Uprising, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Grand Theatre, Chopin?s Monuments, Belvedere Palace.
22.09.2011 (Thursday)
Price: 360 PLN
Hours: 9:00-approx. 19:00

The Royal City. A city over one thousand years old, located in the upper course of the Vistula river, a city called ?little Rome? and the ?cradle of European Culture?. Cracow is rich in history, outstanding works of art and architecture. The city is the location of the Jagiellonian University (founded in 1364), the Royal Castle Wawel, with its mythical Cathedral and the largest and most beautiful town square in Europe. Cracow is a city complex unlike most others in Europe.
24.09.2011 (Saturday)
Price: 360 PLN
Hours: 7:00-approx. 20:00

One of the most maginificent historic cities in Poland and the birthplace of Copernicus, a great Polish astronomer. It?s Old Townhas been included in the UNESCO lists thanks to the most impressive 13th century Town Hall, superb churches and street uncovering Torun?s past glory. The Market Square with the town Hall and beautiful  mansions (The Under the Star house-gem of Torun baroque), Raftsman’s Inn, The statue of  Nicolaus Copernicus, the Statue of Raftsman Nicolaus Copernicus House not only magnificent astronomer but also splendid economist, clergyman and doctor Medieval city walls, gates, towers (famous the Leaning Tower), granaries Medieval churches -St. Mary Church and Torun Cathedral (the place where N. Copernicus was baptized) entrance to the one of them.
23.09.2011 (Friday)
Price: 360 PLN
Hours: 9:00- approx. 19:00

The meeting point for all tours: the main building of the University Law and Administration Campus, next to the congress registration stand.

For more information about tourist program please visit: http://www.mazurkas.pl/pns2011/